Kind of Like Allergy Season

There is nothing like allergy season in Waco. You just wake up one morning and there it is, or more correctly, there is the evidence of it. You are compelled to run out looking for some over the counter remedy. Some even go as far as turning to a “neti pot.” What is in a neti pot and why do you want to stick in your nose and drain it into your head?

I want our church to shed God’s grace like trees and plants in Waco shed pollen. As we sway in the blowing of the Holy Spirit, God’s grace falls covering everything. Indiscriminately, falling upon whatever/whoever is around it covers until even the blackest things are tinted by the color of grace. Pooling in low places and swirling around in the air and even the water at the height of the season.

Seasons of grace come and go at the will of the creator. Like trees and flowers when we have God working in us renewing life when we flower we have the opportunity to be a blessing to those around us. Come let us pray and worship together so God is renewing life in us. Together we can allow God to create through us a season of grace that can have a dramatic impact of Waco.

Come and study God’s Word together and be changed: 9:30 am Sunday mornings.

-Pastor Clint

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