Robert Puryear

Robert Puryer had surgery to repair a damaged artery. Robert is out of the hospital now, but recovery will last 3-4 more weeks.  Please keep the Puryear’s in prayer as they adjust to care for the young ones as Robert recovers from surgery.

Update May 3: Robert is doing well. He and Susan are adjusting to their new schedules.


  1. Pastor Amos says:

    Robert came through surgery well, he will be in the hospital for 3-6 days. ICU for the first couple, then a regular room after that. Keep his family in prayer as they adjust to care for Robert when he comes home.

  2. Pastor Amos says:

    Robert was going to come home today, Friday, and is doing much better. He will still need to be restrictive on his activity for 5-6 weeks as he recovers.

  3. Donald Highfill says:

    You continue in my prayers as you recover from your recent surgery. — Donald & Erma

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