Saying Goodbye to an Old Friend

I always hate saying goodbye to a good old friend. Especially to one who has been so low maintenance, those high maintenance friends can be so much work. Sure, she makes some odd noises now and she is a little faded, but she continues to crank out results. She doesn’t mind being connected and she does email. If you push her buttons in the right order you can get her to do almost anything.

This week I am meeting with a gentleman that is going to help me trade her in for a new copier. It is usually an exciting process, but in includes “monkeying” with the network, uninstalling and installing of drivers on every computer, reprogramming of new access codes so people can make color copies, training on how to get the new one to do what we need and how to fix her if she has a jam, and discovering what is her favorite flavor of paper. You do have to get used to the new face in the office. For weeks we will all walk by and things will just seem different and feel different. In the end, though, that crispness will return to the copies made and color copies will be just a little more photo-like. Hopefully we will have worked out a better deal and even added a feature or two.

We are really not as emotionally attached to our Ricoh Afício 2232C, that is her name, as this might lead you to believe. It is just even expected and wanted changes have their consequences and settling in times. Of course this always seems to happen around VBS and Messenger both, but we got by last time.

It is our nature to change. It is our God’s nature to remain the same. He is outside of time, but is aware that each tick of the clock for us measures a change in us and it cannot be rewritten once it is written.

I hope to see you this Sunday morning.

-Pastor Clint

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