Independendent from Sin-Dependent on Him

I’m so proud of our youth group as they ventured off to the cost to assist in Hurricane Relief at the beginning of this month. Many of you made special gifts to make this trip possible, and it’s a honor to send 15 of our young people to represent our compassion as a church. Thank you for your willingness to support our young people as they learn to express our faith in tangible ways.

As we celebrate the Fourth of July and our great country’s independence, we all need to reevaluate exactly what that means to us as Christians. To live “independently” means something totally different for the Christian.    I am independent from this world’s priorities and view on life, yet I live dependant on the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ.  My relationship with Jesus Christ makes me independent from the penalty of my sin, but it also makes me dependant on His mercy and grace while I struggle to live a life that pleases my Heavenly Father.

The times we live in provide us many an opportunity to be active in living out our dependant life on Christ, lets take advantage of living in a land of freedom to proclaim this good news. I hope you will take every opportunity to tell people about the love of Christ and invite people to church, but more importantly, I hope you take time this month to thank God for His wonderful role in our life of Dependence on Him!                                                              

 In Christ, Pastor Amos


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