Time for Maintainance

Today Beth Ann and I are having a visit from the Waco Fire Marshall. As a foster/adopt home, every two years we are required to have certain inspections done. It would seem that if you just passed a fire inspection two years ago you would still be good. Some smoke alarm batteries are even still good. But, requirements sometimes change and “consumables” need to be checked.

Fire extinguishers need to be checked by licensed professionals every year.

Here at the church someone comes to us to check/replace them. For my house I have to take extinguishers to south of Hwy 6 to the people who check it.

Smoke alarms need to be maintained and brush and bushes need be removed to prevent fire hazards. Without the need for an inspection it is doubtful we would be as mindful of these things.

Matthew 25 tells of 10 young women who were waiting in a state of readiness for the bridegroom. 5 did not take care to be prepared and were left out when the time came. It should not take the threat of inspections for us to be mindful of important things.

Inspect yourselves this week and do what it takes to pass.

May God’s presence be evident in your everyday obedience.

Pastor Clint

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