God Loves You!

We’re talking about “Family” this month, and we’re covering topics that reflect the contemporary reality of many of our families.  Divorce, Blended Families, Adult Children living with Aging Parents, End of Life Issues, these are topics that a majority of our families are faced with, and unfortunately are some of these topics often reflect mistakes that are made in life.

I’m encouraged that scripture isn’t silent about these issues.  God doesn’t shy away from people who aren’t perfect.  In fact, we often see that He chooses imperfect people to do great things through.  We have to see that despite mistakes made in our lives, God has called us to live for a better day, to accept responsibility for past sin but live in the salvation that is made available through our personal relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.  He forgives and calls us to live better lives, not to live in the past mistakes, but to live for the future hope we have in Christ Jesus.

This is the message our families need to hear, despite the mistakes you may have made in the past, God Loves You!  God wants you to have a better life!  He wants your wounds to heal!  There is hope for a better day!

I’m glad that Park Lake is a place where families can hear that message, and be encouraged towards healing and progress in their life.  I’m glad we’re a church that’s honest with who we all are, yet open to who God wants us to be.  I’m personally glad that I’m a part of that ministry here, and I’m happy you’re here with me applying the grace of God to help heal individuals and families God entrusts to our care.  Its a wonderful time to be at Park Lake!

       In Christ, Pastor Amos

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