Time Goes By

     Last night I was working on our family’s holiday photo book for this year. I need to get it ordered as soon as Halloween is over if it is going to get printed and shipped to us by Thanksgiving. The books show just how much our family has changed over the past few years: a new house, a new child and then another one, a vehicle change, and a new fence. I also crossed the big “4-0” mark, but Johnnie Memphis helped me with that one. We lost Beth Ann’s grandfather. We moved from Beth Ann’s grandmother’s living/dinning room to her garage for Thanksgiving because the extended family has gotten so big.

     The books also show a pastor change and then another one as well as new friends here at church. What they all have in common is they start with Thanksgiving and end with Halloween. So, they are the same, but with different pictures.

     Time goes by so fast. Here we are in October again. The Fall Festival/Craft Fair is less than two weeks away. We are needing volunteers to run children’s activities as well as people talking it up to their neighbors. I will be spending an hour (you heard me correctly: a whole hour) in the dunking booth. THANK YOU, to all those working so hard to put a good foot forward as we mingle with our community.

     I want to also mention a thank you to the leaders of our Adult 1 & 2 departments in the Sunday School. We have seen the work you are putting into your classes and the growth you have been blessed with. The work will not ease up as we continue to grow. In fact we will be needing leaders to join those already leading when it comes time to create more units for our young and mid-adults.

     Your Budget/Finance Committee has finished the budget proposal for 2011 and is anxious to share it with you on the 17th. The Nominating Committee is about to finish up committees for 2011 and will be presenting those to you also this month. These are two heavy duty committees this time of year. Please express gratitude to the members of those committees. They also need your support as a volunteer on a committee and as a giver to the general budget of the church.

     Be aware we are working on the Christmas Party already. On December 15th we will be celebrating Christmas with the families we will be adopting this year. We have secured the gym at MCC to hold the party. What a great way to share the holidays. You will be making a unique and meaningful impact on not just one family, but the community and God’s work here at Park Lake.   

Pastor Clint

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