Moving Forward

We have difficult issues to overcome. An aging congregation, an ethnically and economically transitioning neighborhood, as well as a Waco Community that is shifting population centers away from our side of town. If we don’t meet these challenges we face a grim future for our ministry and its effectiveness.

How can we preserve the wonderful heritage that has been passed down to us here at Park Lake? We believe that the opportunity to preserve a ministry at this location, while building a vibrant multi-generational, multi-ethnic church is right in front of us. Our plan is to expand our current ministry in different campuses, several locations, one church, all with the philosophy of expanding the kingdom of God through reaching out with the love of Christ.
Why multiple campuses? With the economical face of our North Waco community changing, we will be challenged to support our ministry and its basic upkeep to our property in a few short years. Our community in North Waco needs a strong, active church to bear the witness of Jesus Christ in a relevant way that does not ignore the specific needs the community brings to the table. If God allows us to create a multi-campus ministry we can spread our base of support out to the greater Waco community, while not abandoning our neighborhood, nor depending solely on it for support.

We believe that a church should not be dependent on personality, but rather on ministry. Our desire is to bring stability to our ministry for the long term, allowing a healthy church to be passed on to the next generation. We believe our best years are ahead of us, and we pray God continues to bless our fellowship!

Multi Campus Ministry
Several Locations, One Church, all with the priority of preserving the witness of Christ in North Waco and the Greater Waco Community.

Small Church/Big Church
The sky is the limit, but we don’t want to create an environment where people hide. This is why we’ll keep locations small, but we’ll have big church ability! Our desire is to build a strong church community, where relevant ministry is impactful!