Hispanic Minister

Pablo_NancyRev. Pablo and Nancy Rivas





Pablo and Nancy moved to Waco from El Paso to study at Truett Seminary in 2011. They love Mexican food, pizza and going to the movies!

Amos and Pablo work together to prepare the sermons for Sunday mornings, and Pablo preaches for those who want to hear the sermon in Spanish. A core of Park Lake’s vision of ministry revolves around spiritual growth for all our members, because of this Pablo and Nancy offer Bible study in Spanish on Wednesday evenings, and Women Bible Studies during the week. Their desire as a couple is to create a multi-ethnic environment that centers on a life fulfilled in Christ.

Nancy has a degree in Christian Education and she has been a leader for youth and women in Mexico and the US. She is passionate about scripture and loves to teach the Word of God. Pablo is a Minister and a Scientist. Having a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, he is passionate about solving the conflict between science and faith. They hope together to reach the Spanish speaking community, using their gifts to develop a spiritual desire to grow as God’s children.

Park Lake is not limited to English or Spanish because of Pablo and Nancy’s voluntary ministry! They believe, as we all do at Park Lake, that God has called us to be one Church, united in Christ, worshiping God in one Spirit. To contact Pablo or Nancy feel free to email them at:

pablorp80@gmail.comNancyPablo 3